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How is Celebrate Entertainment DJ Services different from the rest?

We specialize in weddings!!!  Our #1 objective is that the Bride & Groom are 100% confident that that we know exactly what they want.  You can rest assured that your wedding and reception will be fun, memorable, and exactly what you want.  This day is all about taking everything in and creating memories.  Any level of stress can and will distract from this process.  We will not leave the final meeting unless you are comfortable enough to head into the day with total confidence in us and our understanding of what you expect.  This way you can simply show up, have fun, and create those lasting memories.  There are no do-overs for your Wedding Day and we will be sure that we get it right!!!


We have DJayed thousands of events and still no two have been the same.  There is a skill to "reading the crowd" and not many DJs truly have this.  We will not hire a DJ unless they have proven that they have this skill.  It cannot be taught.  There are two ingredients to providing great music at an event.  The first is the ability to "read the crowd" and the second is music knowledge.  Our DJs know their music and will not sit on a certain genre for very long.  The music mix is the #1 compliment we receive on a nightly basis.

More Than Music

Celebrate Entertainment DJ services provide original ideas that don’t steal the show but keep the guests interested and entertained. Most DJ’s have the same old staples (The YMCA, the Chicken Dance, the Macarena). Obviously if the guests or hosts want these elements we will oblige, happily. But we have other elements that your guests most likely have not seen, and that adds fun and originality to your event.

Custom Specialy Dance Mixes
Celebrate Entertainment will colaborate to create a custom dance mix for the couple's 1st Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, or any other type of feature you would like to include in your event.  This is a very popular option for couples to have fun with their wedding day and create a unique experience for their guests.


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